Mathematics I

English Programme

Course title: Mathematics I


About the course


The course is organized in 28 hundred-minute lectures and 28 hundred-minute seminars.

The curriculum and teaching is supervised by: Prof. RNDr. Josef Šlapal, CSc.


Curriculum summary


Students will learn about the basics of the set theory and mathematical logic, linear algebra, vector calculus, analytic geometry, differential and integral calculus of functions in one variable.


Syllabus: Math1


Examinations, assessment of results: Examinations



Thomas G.B. - Finney R.L.: Calculus and Analytic Geometry, 1997

Sneall D.B. - Hosack J.M.: Calculus, An Integrated Approach, 1997

Anton, H.A.: Elementary Linear Algebra, Wiley, 2002,

Salas, S.L., Hille, E., Etgen, G.J.: Calculus: One and Several Variables, Wiley, 2002


Lectures for downloading:

Logics.ppt, Sets.ppt, Relations.ppt, Numbers.ppt, Functions.ppt, Trigo.ppt, ExpLog.ppt, Polynomials.ppt, GaussElim.ppt, Determinants.ppt, InverseMatrix.ppt, VectorSpaces.ppt, AnalyticGeom.ppt, Limits.ppt, Derivative.ppt, ParametricFunctions.ppt, LHospital.ppt, MaximaMinima.ppt, SketchingGraphs.ppt, Integration.ppt, Rieman.ppt, PartialFractions.ppt, InegrationRevisited.ppt, Integrability.ppt, IntegralApplications.ppt, ImproperIntegral.ppt

Dictionaries for downloading:

Dictionary_Czech-English.doc, Dictionary_English-Czech.doc


Audio dictionaries of mathematical formulas for downloading

Algebra.doc, BasicNumbers.doc, Calculus.doc, Functions.doc, Geometry.doc, SimpleArithmetic.doc, Trigonometry.doc