Mathematics IV

English Programme

Course title: Mathematics IV


About the course


The course is organized in 14 hundred-minute lectures and 14 hunjdred-minute seminars.

The curriculum and teaching is supervised by: Prof. RNDr. Josef Šlapal, CSc.


Curriculum summary

The first part of the course deals with probability, its basic properties and types, including conditioned probability, independent events, random variables both discrete and continuous with distribution laws and other characteristics of the most frequently used ones. Also the basic concepts of random vectors are introduced. In the second part of the course, the students will learn about the basic statistical methods including point and interval estimates, testing of statistical hypotheses. The basic methods of linear regression analysis will also be investigated.


Syllabus: Math4


Examinations, assessment of results: Examinations



Giri, N.C.: Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, 1993

Raktor, B.L.; Hubert, J.J.: Basic Applied Statistics, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, 1979


Lectures for downloading:

ContingencyTables.ppt, LinearRegression.ppt, NonParametricTest.ppt, PoissonBinomialNormal.ppt, ProbabilityIntroBasics.ppt, ProbabilityTypes.ppt, RandomVariables.ppt, RandomVectors.ppt, Sampling.ppt, TestingHypotheses.ppt


Dictionaries for downloading:

Dictionary_Czech-English.doc, Dictionary_English-Czech.doc


Audio dictionaries of mathematical formulas for downloading

Algebra.doc, BasicNumbers.doc, Calculus.doc, Functions.doc, Geometry.doc, SimpleArithmetic.doc, Trigonometry.doc