Algebra and Geometry Seminar

Miroslav KUREŠ
Spring Semester 2019/2020 Program
Algebra and Geometry Seminar
  • 18. 2. 2020
    Michael Joseph Lieberman, Ph.D.
    Hilbert spaces and C*-algebras are not finitely concrete

  • 3. 3. 2020
    Prof. Josef Šlapal
    On two categories of ordered sets with a closure operator

  • 21. 4. 2020
    Blažena Švandová, Ph.D. (The Kurt Gödel Society)
    On a certain analogy between the Gödel's first incompleteness theorem and the Möbius strip

  • 28. 4. 2020
    Jaroslav Frýdek (The Kurt Gödel Society)
    Gödel's proof on an eternal imperfection of mathematics and other diseases of the Queen of Sciences


The Seminar is usually held on Tuesday from 10:00 in the Seminar room A1 / 1842 of the Institute of Mathematics, FME BUT, Technická 2, Brno. Additional lectures will be added according to interest. The expected length of the seminar is 60-90 minutes.


InterMaths is a joint MSc programme leading to a double MSc degree in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics
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