Programme structure

Students will spend the first year at University of L'Aquila (UAQ) in Italy and the second year at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Brno University of Technology (FME BUT) in Czech Republic.

Students will study the study branch Scientific Computing in L'Aquila, i.e., the below courses:

  • Applied partial differential equations (6 credits)
  • Control systems (6 credits)
  • Dynamic systems and bifurcation theory (6 credits)
  • Functional analysis in applied mathematics and engineering (9 credits)
  • Combinatorics and cryptography (6 credits)
  • Continuum mechanics and thermomechanics (9 credits)
  • Complex analysis (6 credits)
  • Parallel computing (6 credits)
  • Stochastic processes (6 credits) 

The credit total is 60 for the 1st year of study.

In addition, these below courses will be compulsory for non-native Italians:

  • Italian language and culture for foreigners, A1 level (3 credits)
  • Italian language and culture for foreigners, A2 level (3 credits)


Students will study the study branch Mathematical Engineering in Brno, i.e. the below courses:

  • Graphs and algorithms (4 credits)
  • Optimization II (4 credits)
  • Financial mathematics (4 credits)
  • Mathematical methods in fluid dynamics (4 credits)
  • Fundamentals of optimal control theory (4 credits)
  • Reliability and quality (4 credits)
  • Diploma seminar I (2 credits)
  • Diploma project I (4 credits)
  • Numerical methods of image analysis (4 credits)
  • Mathematical logic (5 credits)
  • Modern methods of solving differential equations (5 credits)
  • Mathematical structures (4 credits)
  • Geometrical algorithms and cryptography (4 credits)
  • Diploma seminar II (3 credits)
  • Diploma project II (6 credits)

The credit total is 61 for the 2nd year of study.

In addition, the below course will be compulsory for non-native Czechs:

  • Czech language - conversation 1, A1 level (2 credits)

Students' accomplishment is evaluated according to the national grading system in force at each partner institution. The transfer and recognition of grades between institutions is governed by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) being based on the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area.

The transfer and recognition of grades between institutions will be based on the below scales:

A 30
B 27
C 25
D 22
E 19
F <18
28, 29, 30, 30L A
26, 27 B
24, 25 C
21, 22, 23 D
18, 19, 20 E
<18 F

Logistics Analytics

Double Degree master programme in analytical logistics in cooperation with Molde University College
Author Petr VAŠÍK