Final state exam

Pursuant to Dean's Directive No. 3/2021 (it is in Czech language only, but  you will find the important information from this Directive at this page), the final state exam for Mathematical Engineering students at the BUT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering consists of two parts:

  • defending a thesis (20-25 minutes)
    • the examination board consists of five members from Brno plus one (or more) member from L'Aquila.
    • the presentation and subsequent discussion take place in Brno in the presence of a representative from the University of L'Aquila or by a videoconference.
  • discussion on a specific topic (35 - 40 minutes)

The official directions from the University of L'Aquila are here:
- they've implemented a form to make everything run as smoothly as possible to this web page.

The actualized schedule of the academic year 2020/21:

  • Important dates:
    • until 30. 4. 2021 applications for the final state examination
    • until 21. 5. 2021 submitting of master's thesis (an electronic version uploaded to the Studis only)
    • until 4. 6. 2021 examination period
    • reviews not later than 3 days before final state exam
    • 24. 6. 2021 final state exam 
      • you will find the order of students for the final state exam in Studis (and here a few days before the State Exam)
    • We recommend you to stay in the Czech Republic at least until the end of June due to the issue of a diploma and a diploma supplement. The diploma and diploma supplement issue date depends on the press and on the signature of the Rector. 
    • Graduation ceremony will take place on July 28th and 29th
  • Committee:

    • prof. Josef Šlapal (chairman) 
    • prof. Druckmüller Miloslav
    • doc. Nechvátal Luděk
    • doc. Hübnerová Zuzana
    • prof. Řehák Pavel
    • ...
    • Room: A1/1938, secretary of the committee Mgr. Hoderová Jana
    • Time schedule:

Master's thesis - formal requirements for the final thesis 

    • The most interesting is Article 15 (Requisites and Organisation of the Textual Part of a Final Thesis)
    • a) title sheet;
    • b) assignment of the final thesis (not compulsory for a dissertation thesis);
    • c) abstract in the language of the final thesis and in English;
    • d) keywords in the language of the final thesis and in English;
    • e) extended abstract in Czech or Slovak if the language of the final thesis is other than Czech or Slovak (not applicable to students of a programme accredited in English);
    • f) bibliographic citation of the final thesis pursuant to ČSN ISO 690;
    • g) declaration made by the author concerning the originality of the thesis, signature of the author in the printed version of the thesis;
    • h) acknowledgement (not compulsory);
    • i) table of contents;  
    • j) introduction;
    • k) text of the thesis;
    • l) conclusion;
    • m) literature;
    • n) list of abbreviations and symbols (not compulsory);
    • o) list of annexes (not compulsory);
    • p) annexes (not compulsory). 
  • Dean's Guideline No. 4/2020 (in Czech)
    • limit for the attachment of the final thesis is 15 MB
    • spacing of the text is 1 or 1.1, text font size12 pt, Arial or TimesNew Roman
    • size of the text region 16 cm x 25 cm
    • minimum is 40 pages
  • You are strongly recommended to use LaTeX (mathematical typesetting system) for writing your master thesis.



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Author Jana HODEROVÁ