Mathematical Analysis

Basic information
Mathematical Analysis
The activities are directed mainly to the area of mathematical and numerical analysis. Members of the department participate in teaching mathematics in courses of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree. Further they guarantee education of subjects in the following three areas:
Basic courses of mathematics in bachelor´s degree study programs for all students of the faculty
-  Mathematics III
-  Numerical Methods I
Mathematical courses in the specialization „Mathematical Engineering“ (both bachelor’s and master’s degree study program):
-  Basics of Programming
-  Functional Analysis I
-  Functional Analysis II
-  Foundations of Optimal Control Theory
-  Line and surface integral
-  Mathematical Analysis III
-  Mathematical Methods in Fluids Dynamics
-  Modern Programming Methods I
-  Modern Programming Methods III
-  Modern Methods of Solving Differential Equations
-  Numerical Methods III
-  Partial Differential Equations
Advanced mathematical courses for Ph.D. students:
- Numerical analysis I and II
- Equations of Mathematical Physics I and II
- Functional analysis and Function spaces.
Members of the department supervise both Diploma Papers in the master's specialization „Mathematical Engineering“ and tutor Ph.D. students of „Mathematical Engineering“.

Logistics Analytics

Double Degree master programme in analytical logistics in cooperation with Molde University College
Author Petr VAŠÍK