Mathematical Analysis

Basic information
Scientific activities of the department are directed to mathematical modeling of engineering problems by means of differential equations. Besides the analysis of the problems they deal also with their numerical solutions, including theory and development of numerical methods mainly the Finite Element Method.
Jan Čermák
- Delayed Difference and Differential Equations
Libor Čermák
- Scientific Computations in Continuum Mechanics including their Implementation
Jan Franců
-  Analysis of mathematical models in Continuum Mechanics
-  Modeling of composite materials.
Rudolf Hlavička
-  Object Oriented Software directed to Solution of PDE and Numerical Geometry
Luděk Nechvátal
-  Mathematical modeling of composite materials
Jitka Zatočilová
-  Numerical methods in Fluid Dynamics
Alexander Ženíšek
- Theory of Finite Element Method
- Function Spaces

Logistics Analytics

Double Degree master programme in analytical logistics in cooperation with Molde University College
Author Petr VAŠÍK